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Porcelain Collection



10 Colours | 4 Finishes | 6 Sizes

Granity Collection offers the elegance of natural stone in its purest form. It is a unique architectural product completely made of unglazed double loaded porcelain. Due to its superb technical performance, the Granity Collection is suitable for all possible applications, including very high traffic places. The Granity production begins with the “Dry Colortech” operation. The coloured powder goes through a hyper granulometric reduction process until it reaches a grain diameter of 150μ. This thin powder is homogeneously spread over another layer of non-reduced powder and afterwards both undergo a force of 500Kg per cm2 carried out by a hydraulic isostatic vertical press. Tiles are then fired in an extra long cycle at 1230ºC and automatically rectified in order to guarantee monocaliber and full modularity for all sizes.

The product

Granity available in 10 Colours | 4 Finishes | 6 Sizes

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